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What is the best way to convert MSG files to PDF? This post will explain the right solution for how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF? This conversion can be only achieved with the help of a third party application & the conversion is explained in this post.

There are many applications which are popular nowadays. Users are always on the search for the new applications if their old application does not work properly. The file formats are also popular & they are widely used because of their respective applications are a hit among masses. There are various reasons which due to which we can categorise an application popular. It is easy to move from the same type of the application to the other application. The problems arrive when the user tries to migrate from one application to a different application. 

The email clients which are popular are MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc.

If we focus on MS Outlook, then it is the most favoured email application by the users. It is an advance solution which also manages the personal information in a simple way. MS Outlook also offers experience which is helpful in making users to remain in touch with business & personal networks.

The files in MS Outlook are MSG which is commonly saved The MSG file would save all the information with all the details such as the sender name, receiver name, contents of the email message & the subject which is present in the file. If your file is having an attachment then all the information is then saved within the respected MSG file.

User can easily download these files with the help of POP3 email client to view the attachments or even the email messages when there is no internet connection available. User can also send these files as a reply but they won’t get delivered unless there is an internet connection.

Why there is a need to convert MSG files to PDF?

MSG files are not successful at the professional level. There are reports that users can copy the data to MSG files & can later delete then from the server which is managed centrally. They are also the cause of security concern as copying data from MSG files is quite easy. There is also no other way to stop users drag n drop data from MS Outlook to their windows explorer.

So, plenty of users are looking for a way which can help how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF. As PDF is a file format which is helpful in forensic cases & are also legal in the court of law. They are also used in the legal documents such as in bank statements, tax papers, etc.

Let us now look at some advantages of PDF


PDF files are flexible which means they are easy to read & create plus they can be utilized by any user.


The data is protected in the PDF file and if by any means, user is able to edit the data then it will leave a footprint which signifies that the document is edited.


A PDF file is also able to hold plenty of information but they can be compressed to a file size which is easier to exchange while retaining the quality of the documents.

Platform independent

PDF are independent of the platform it means that PDF can be opened in any operating system regardless of the software & hardware.

What are the ways to how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF?

There are two ways to perform these two tasks:

  •          Manual method
  •          Third party tool

Manual process to how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF?

  •          Select the desired MSG file & open this file in MS Outlook
  •          Go to the file menu then click on save as option
  •          Save your file at your favourable location in the HTML file format
  •          Go to the location where the HTML file is located, right click on the .html file & open it with MS Word
  •          Go to file tab of MS Word & click on the save as option
  •          Choose .pdf option to save your file into PDF format

Manual methods are free, good & easy to implement when you have technical knowledge. The manual process is a very time consuming process if you are having large number of files for conversion. The manual method will only convert the MSG file & not the items which are attached in the MSG file. The chances of data is very high if you will use a manual process. If you do not want to damage your data then you can go for a professional third party tool.

Third party tool to how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF

You can rely on the MSG to PDF converter to easily how to convert Outlook MSG to PDF. The tool will help the user to convert files with the help of the batch mode. The user can also convert large number of files as there is no limitation in the full version of the tool. The tool will also convert the attachments which are present in your MSG files.

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